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Know about Dr. Urvashi's deep study on dance therapy and psychology.

Book - Stress Management and Dance

TITLE OF THE BOOK: “Stress Management and Dance”

Germination of Concept:

The hidden potential of Indian classical dances was partially realized by me while actually learning and performing the same for the past several years. During my learning and maturing stage in dance it occurred to me, gradually by experience, that Indian classical dances were the few rare human activities which agglomerates the three distinct elements of human personality i.e. the body, the mind and the soul or the inner subconscious self of any individual. To provide a scientific back up to my realizations I preferred to opt for psychology in my masters degree after my graduation degree in science. Hence as a psychologist and a dancer I could further crystallize my ideas about the great therapeutic values hidden in Indian classical dances. The mild syndrome like stress born out of the disparity in the available resource and the environmental demand on any individual is one aspect which could be alleviated through dance – precisely much more effectively than many other approaches, known so far e.g. transcendental meditation, listening music etc.


Higher efficacy of Indian classical dances as compared to other techniques is inherent in its quality of synchronizing mind body and soul into a common ground of rhythmic movements with graceful and gorgeous costumes. A person under stress, therefore, needs to just watch the typically choreographed Indian classical dances for draining out the stress. Such dances have been named by me as Stress Relief Dances or SRD. A great deal on the same have been explained in this book. Stress reduction before and after viewing SRD has been noted to be significant.

I have noted in the book that perennial stress adversely affects several personality elements under personal and environmental traits. Child-parent’s relationship also is adversely affected. One year of dance training phenomenally improves these aspects of the personality for all age groups e.g. teenagers, youth and adults.

Potential for future

This book, therefore, should also open the gate for more researches from the physiologists, psychologists and medical doctors for scientifically tapping the great therapeutic potential of the great cultural heritage of India for the benefit of whole world.


Through this book the message I want to give to our youth is that:

“Indian classical dances have great potential of therapeutic value beside entertainment. Just do not let it fade away under the invasion of western culture”.

Through this book the message I want to give to our scientist is that:

“Venture in to more scientific researches to determine qualitatively and quantitatively the influence Indian classical dances caste on the various psychological and physiological elements of human body”.