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Know about Dr. Urvashi's deep study on dance therapy and psychology.

SRD - Stress Relief Dance

Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava who is also Ph.D in Psychology and known for her unique choreography of Stress reducing dances and dance therapy has authored a book entitled “Stress Management And Dance” ; published by Dhanraj Book House, New Delhi. Her Stress Reducing Dance Choreography, Commonly known as SRD has been patented in USA.

Special Indian classical dances based on devotional soft and caressing music have the ability to surmount the performers and also spectators with deeply calming mood of healing relaxation. Specially choreographed sophisticated dance postures with subtle and soothing instrumental or vocal music in the background distresses mind and soul. Theme of devotional environment helps induce convergence of performer's stimuli to a focal point. Tender steps then silently shepherd the senses to perfect tranquility. Researches in Urvashi Kala Srishti, Pune have revealed that the synergy of the Vedic word 'OM' with the sweet back up of tal (beat) and raga (notes) of Indian classical dances makes the restive heart and stressful mind achieve eternal peace, harmony, delirious joy and sense of happiness of being one with the Creator for the performers and also those of spectators.

As building-up of stress is part of our day to day living hence the SRD training is recommended for the stress-abatement in achieving higher work quality not only for executives, professionals and workers in all corporate offices, industries, banks or any other work places but also is equally advisable to housewives for quality improvements in their routine chores.

Spectators Visualizing the depth of The Word ‘OM’

Ph.D. in Psychology

Dr Urvashi Srivastava aquired a Ph.D in Psychology from JNV University, Jodhpur in 2009.

Her Ph.D topic was - “The study of the influence of western and Indian Music on the personally, Adjustment & emotional Maturity of Individuals”

Dr Urvashi Srivastava bases her concept of dance-training not only to impart the knowledge of creativity and aesthetic beauty of Indian Dances but also synergizes it with its therapeutic dimensions of Dance Therapy(DT) for several body ailments, which are either not curable or are needing elongated treatments by established school of medicines.

What is Dance Therapy (DT)?

Typical choreography is done to appeal to ailing part of the human body to normalize its physiological functions. Approach is both active and passive.

Honorary Degrees

Honorary D.Sc - IOWA

Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava was awarded an honorary D.Sc in Dance therapy by Maharishi University of World Peace, Iowa, U.S.A in 2007.

Honorary D.Lit - Netherlands

Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava was awarded an honorary D.Lit in Dance therapy by Maharishi University of Enlightenment, Holland in 2007.

World Stress Conference - 2007

Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava was invited for presenting stress relief dance at Third World Stress Conference, Budapest, Hungary, on 25 August 2007.

Seminars and Workshops

Dr. Urvashi Shrivastava Regularly conducts seminars and workshop at National Defence Academy - Khadakwasla, Pune.

Conducted a seminar at Women's day celebrations - International Institute of Management Studies, Pune.

A typical seminar by Dr. Urvashi is carried out in three parts:

  • A brief description of salient features of various Classical Dances of India.
  • Salient features of various Folk Dances of India.
  • Practical demonstration of these dances.

Workshops provide in depth experience of stress relief through dance. Typical duration of a workshop is 1 to 3 months.

The aim of workshops is to impart dance training to girls and ladies with the unique objective to achieve Wholesome Personality Development (WPD), based on the innovative approach of energy Consolidation, Enrichment and Channelization (CEC) strategy, through the typical choreography of dance on selected serene and numbing music.

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