About Urvashi Kala Srishti. It's history, vision, events and more!!!


Dr. Prabhat Kumar

Urvashi Kala Srishti, Pune

"Urbanisation and its fast-paced lifestyle has gripped generations wherein rarely do individuals find time for themselves. While women across all age groups are preoccupied with their daily chores, the millennials are clearly drifting towards the glitzy western tastes largely remaining unaware of our own rich cultural roots.

This is where Urvashi Kala Srishti aims to make a difference. The idea is to propagate the rich heritage of different types of Indian classical and folk dance patterns.

Inspired by the different types of dance forms that have travelled from the medieval ages shaping up the cultural heritage of the Indian subcontinent, Urvashi Kala Srishti, a unique dance academy based in Pune, aims to pass on the art in its purest form to its students.

The institute aims to preserve the age-old ‘guru-shishya’ tradition while imparting the innovatively choreographed dance forms in their utmost aesthetic grace.

Urvashi Kala Srishti envisions artistic upliftment of each individual who is passionate and keen to learn the rich Indian classical and folk dance forms."


Foundation of Urvashi Kala Srishti, Pune was seeded with the inauguration of a small dance training school for girls and ladies with only 10 students at Jodhpur, Rajasthan in July 2003 under the banner of “Urvashi Nritya Sansthan”.

With its rapid strides over the years the school blossomed into a powerful dance training system by 2006; having trained more than 2000 girl students in Kathak dance, Bharatnatyam Dance, Odissi Dance and several folk dances of India.

In November 2006 the dance school was shifted to Pune - culturally highly awakened city of India in the state of Maharashtra under the banner of Urvashi Kala Srishti and was expanded to include the clinical concept of stress relief and personality development based on energy Consolidation, Enrichment and Chanellization (CEC) strategy through dance.


Since it's inception as a small dance school in Jodhpur, UKS has achieved a reputation and became a well known dance institute in Pune.


Along with dance, at UKS we also focus on overall personality development of students through dance. We conduct several events to make dancing more interesting.

Here is list of notable events:

  • Annual day celebration
  • Prashanti
  • Guru Pournima celebration
  • Nritya Damini
  • Women's day celebration
  • Holi celebration

Apart from above events, students are taken for a picnic each year.
Students are also given different projects on indian classical dances.