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Dr. Urvashi Srivastava, Chair of the Faculty of Vedic Dance, Maharishi College of Perfect Health

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Dr. Urvashi Srivastava - Chair Person Department of Vedic Dance therapy, D.Sc(Dance Therapy), D.Lit(Dance Therapy), Ph.D.(Psychology)

'Take dance as an aspect of therapy. Dance as a system of medicine, a system of health care.' — Maharishi

Maharishi Inaugurated the Department of Vedic Dance in early September 2007. We take great delight now in taking the steps with a complete Faculty of Vedic Dance to fulfil his vision by offering programmes for people throughout the world to enjoy the healing and nourishing power of Vedic Dance, which is an aspect of Maharishi’s Vedic Approach to Health. Maharishi says:

'We connect Vedic Dance with Gandharva Veda, Yoga Asana ,and Dhyan, and then it will become a part of Brahma Vidya. Different dance forms, different Ragas are assigned in different health situations and this will be called as Dance Therapy. People go to watch dance anyway and the Dance Therapy will serve as entertainment as well as there will be realistic transformation of their physiologies.' — Maharishi

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Chair of the Faculty of Vedic Dance Therapy Dr Urvashi Shrivastava

Maharishi said to take dance as a system of medicine, a system of health care. The influence of deep relaxation that Vedic Dance produces on the finest cellular level of the physiology eliminates any stress or strain.

Vedic Dance promotes health, happiness, and the development of consciousness, for the dancer as well as the audience. The approach of Vedic Dance Therapy can be enjoyed by performing dance, as well as viewing dance.

Dr Urvashi Srivastava bases her concept of dance-training not only to impart the knowledge of creativity and aesthetic beauty of Indian Dances but also synergizes it with its therapeutic dimensions of Dance Therapy(DT) for several body ailments, which are either not curable or are needing elongated treatments by established school of medicines.

Indian classical dance trace their origins back to the ancient Natya Shastra, or Natya Veda ,called the fifth Veda. The Natya Veda, or the Science of Drama and Dance, is said to have been created by taking the words (Pathya) from Rig Veda, the art of visual representation (Abhinaya) from Yajur Veda, music (Geeta) from Sama Veda, and aesthetics (Rasa) from the Atharva Veda. The Vedic Devata themselves supreme dancers, contributed to this Divine art-form. Vedic Dance is a form of Puja, or offering, connecting the individual with the Divine. Movement, gesture, expression, meaning, fine feeling, and transcendental consciousness are integrated and unified and the dancer performs in an expression of wholeness, beauty and bliss. Vedic Dance is a sacred discipline, connecting the individual to the Supreme, the Divine. Arising from a dancer's consciousness, the movements are created as an expression of the Self and a form of communication with the relative world.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has said that Indian Classical Dance is essentially a Vedic Performance. Vedic Dance is the most natural and complete technology for enlivening the relationship between transcendental self-referral Being and its expression in the physiology because its basis is in Total Knowledge—Total Natural Law—the Constitution of the Universe— the field of self-referral consciousness, which maintains balance and order between all physiological functioning.

Vedic Dance is an aspect of Gandharva Veda, lively with the Integrating and Harmonizing value of Natural Law. Through Vedic Dance we align our physiology and consciousness with the Cosmic Rhythms and Patterns of Total Natural Law.

Vedic Dance can be seen as ‘flowing Yoga’. It enlivens the inner energy and intelligence in the body, unifying silence and dynamism, wholeness and parts, creating health and balance in the individual and the environment.

The Department of Vedic Dance Therapy will be offering classes, courses, and performances, and will be developing degree programs. We will be collaborating with Maharishi Ayurveda Vaidyas and Maharishi Ayurveda Consultants to offer Vedic Dance Therapy through centres of Maharishi Ayurveda and Maharishi Colleges of Perfect Health, globally.

Vedic Dance incorporated into one’s daily routine (Dinacharya), promotes health, happiness, and well-being and is effective in preventing and treating cer tain imbalances.

Our Sankalp (desire and resolve ) is for everyone to enjoy Vedic Dance and its therapeutic benefits, and to grow in perfect health, happiness, and higher states of consciousness — life in enlightenment and bliss.

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Faculty of the Department of Vedic Dance Maharishi College of Perfect health

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Dr. Urvashi Srivastava, Chair of the Faculty of Vedic Dance, Maharishi College of Perfect Health, was honoured with a D.Lit and D.Sc. in Vedic Dance by Maharishi in 2007.

Faculty member Rebecca Busch has taught Vedic Dance for the past decade to women around the world and has given lecture demonstrations and performances globally, including performances at the 2018 International Ayurveda Congress in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Integrating knowledge and practice of Bharata Natyam, South Indian Dance, with Maharishi’s Science of Consciousness, Rebecca created an introductory course in Vedic Dance. As a teacher of the Transcendental Meditation technique, she supports coherence creating groups and continues to develop curriculum and offer instruction in Vedic Dance for schools and universities offering Consciousness-Based education.

Rebecca has studied with master teachers in the T. Balaswaraswati tradition of Bharata Natyam and is a graduate of Paramparai Foundation’s DASI ATTAM course in South Indian dance, music, and poetry certified by the International Dance Council CID-UNESCO and taught by Dr. Saskia Kersenboom. She received a Master of the Science of Creative Intelligence degree (M.S.C.I.) from Maharishi European Research University (MERU).

Faculty member Yagyaa Srivastava is a professional Kathak dancer. She has performed widely in India and abroad and is acclaimed as a “Promising artiste” under the Government of India’s Festivals of India programme. She currently conducts Kathak workshops for young Vedic Dance enthusiasts and adults alike, and has given special workshops for international groups travelling to India.

Through her dance, Yagyaa seeks to share an ‘experience of the Absolute — a consonance of the body, mind and soul—which makes dance akin to meditation, a state of conscious, mindful “Being”, not only for the dancer but also for the audience to experience’.

Faculty member Pratyeksha Bhatnagar is a professional Kathak dancer and a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation and research scholar in the field of higher states of consciousness. Pratyaksha holds a degree in Kathak, having completed the seven year course from Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad

Pratyeksha has performed under the guidance of Padma Bhushan Ms Uma Sharma and Pandit Birju Maharajaji. Her public professional performances include the Dhinak Dhin Dha, aired on the India’s national Doordarshan Channel, performances, over a period of five years ,on Sharad Purnima, at the famous Birla Temple in India. She has performed at India’s Habitat Centre, the Indian International Centre, the FICCI Auditorium, and has worked in a television serial based on Indian Mythology — Shri Radhe and Meghdoot — telecast by Government of India’s Doordarshan channel

We are thrilled that this Guru Purnima we will enjoy the performance of Vedic Dance by two faculty members, both professional Kathak dancers, honourable Yagya Srivastava and honourable Pratyeksha Bhatnagar.

The first performance and introduction to Maharishi College of Perfect Health’s Department of Vedic Dance will be on the Our second performance will be on to celebrate the awakening of Natural Law on this auspicious day. The third event will be a short introductory workshop on 17th July at 1.30 pm. All these presentations and performances will take place in the beautiful Maharishi Vedic Garden surrounding Maharishi’s Peace Palace at MERU.

We invite everyone to come and enjoy these special performances in celebration of Guru Purnima and the inauguration of our new expanded Faculty of Vedic Dance Therapy, which has resolved to bring this powerful health-promoting technology of Vedic Dance to the world with Maharishi’s blessings and the Grace of Guru Dev.

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